Saturday, April 7, 2012

Download CNN Video

How to download cnn video?

Free Video Zilla is a professional cnn downloader for download cnn video, and It never lead to fail when you download cnn video. Whatever you using any browser, It always download cnn video successfully for you.
Using Free Video Zilla, you can download cnn video with 3 steps: Run Free Video Zilla first. Then play cnn video, FVZ will grab the video for you. The last, you only select the video and click “download” to save the video.

Download: Click  Here

Download cnn video step 1:  Run Free Video Zilla first.

Download cnn video step 2:  Make Bin Laden bridge for example. Play cnn video. When the video is played, you can see Free Video Zilla grabs the cnn video.

Download cnn video step 3:Select the grabbed cnn video then click 'Download' button.

Result of download video from cnn:You will see the cnn video is being downloaded by Free Video Zilla.

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